Course Offerings and Curriculum


Under the tutelage of Mr. Andrew Lang, over the past 5 years our graduates have been awarded 13 million dollars in scholarship money. We currently have students attending Columbia, Stanford, Wake Forest, University of Florida, Clark University, Sewanee College, Hamilton College, Allegheny, Santa Fe Community College, North Florida Community College, and Florida Gateway College. We believe in developing leaders, strong academics, and creating opportunities for the youth of this community to succeed in life on a greater scale.


Kindergarten – 6th Grade

Melody Christian Academy employs a modified A Beka Book. A Beka Book is dedicated to raising the standard of academic achievement among today’s students. It has done so for the past 40 years. As a result, students versed in  A Beka Book material tend to test above the national standard. Instruction in phonics produces better readers, a strong language arts emphasis equips students with excellent writing skills, and a spiral system of introducing math principles supplies students with math expertise.


7th – 12th grades

Melody Christian Academy uses additional curriculum publishers in various subjects (Ron Larson for 8th-12th Math, Rinehart and Winston Holt for English).

Melody is constantly reviewing curriculum and seeking the most effective teaching materials available.


Advanced Placement Courses

Melody also offers Advanced Placement classes in Science, History, English, and Math.


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